We want to do things to help not harm our planet and all who live on it.

We are committed to:

Looking after our customers and providing them with facts about our products so they can make the choices that are right for them.

Looking after animals; all our products are vegan. There are so many alternatives on the market - we don't need to eat or use products from animals so we don't.

Looking after our staff; we treat our staff fairly and let them share in our success. We’re very much a team effort and we are all working towards making the world a better place for good.

Looking after people; we don’t just stop at our own staff, we also check supply chains of our suppliers to make sure all the staff involved in making the products are treated fairly.

Working with smaller local brands; we believe real innovation and passion for change sits with the smaller enterprises and we are committed to working with small companies to get their products to the people that want to buy them.

Abolishing waste; we aim to create zero waste, which means re-using and recycling everything. We won’t throw away food that can be eaten and work with our suppliers to create minimalist packaging that doesn’t need to be thrown away.

Sourcing the most ethical products; we care where our products come from and we love a good family made story to go with it.

Protecting the planet; combating climate change and protecting our planet from deforestation and pollution are key. We avoid products that use unnecessary chemicals, destructive farming methods and GM products.