About us

Goodfayre, an ethical shop in Salisbury, created by Dana Burton as part of her mission to help, not harm our planet, and all who live on it. Driven by a desire to shop more consciously, Dana created the shop as a community space for likeminded people to find products that have been consciously sourced.

We encourage our customers to seek environmental everyday alternatives, such as our bulk wholefoods dispensers, eliminating plastic packaging. We want them to ask, "Where does it come from?" to share those products' amazing stories.

We sell a range of ethical and vegan consumer goods across a range of household use categories, with a preference to products that help people reduce their waste. Sold in-store at Cross Keys Arcade, Salisbury and online.

We have expert product knowledge and offer a high level of customer service to ensure our customers can find the products they need and want that best suit their needs.

We understand people have different needs and requirements and listen to our customers and try to match them with products that fit in their budget and met their needs.

We sell unique and innovative products you would not normally see on the high street as we work with small businesses to showcase innovation and bring the best products into our shop.

We offer a Bulk buying service for people who would like to buy their foods in larger quantities that help keep the cost down and help the environment with less packaging.


Our core values

We want to do things to help not harm our planet and all who live on it.

Our Values:

  • Provenance, we share our products stories and journeys giving our customers the information to make their choice. We care where our products come from who made it, how it was made. So we can bring you products which are Fairly traded and Cruelty free
  • Welfare, We love animals so all our products are vegan.
  • Local , We work with local and small business producers supporting local communities, bringing our customers innovative products that are responsibly produced to the highest ethical standards.
  • Sustainable, We protect our planet by sending 0% to landfill and reusing and recycling where possible Selling sustainable products that protect the planet from harmful deforestation and unnecessary pollution.
  • Fairness, We pay fair tax and Look after people, This includes our staff our suppliers and our community. When we do well, we all benefit.

  • Cruelty Free Eco Friendly Fairly Traded Local Supplier Sustainable Vegan

    Opening hours
    Monday - Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm
    Sunday 10am-4pm