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Putting Vegan on the Map in Salisbury

Friday, July 20, 2018

With more and more people choosing a Vegan Lifestyle, one vegan business in Salisbury set about creating a vegan map of the city to help local and visiting vegans, or the vegan curious, find out which local and independent businesses cater for their needs.

Salisbury Vegan Map

Dana Burton, owner of local vegan shop, Goodfayre said: “We’ve got to the point where most places will offer a vegetarian meal, but we are not quite their with vegan options yet. You don’t always want to ask if there is nothing on the menu and not all restaurants understand what it means to be vegan. I did a little mystery shop over the city to find out which restaurants could and would cater for vegans. I put the results all together in a handy map.”

Goodfayre is the only 100% vegan food shop in the city, based in the boutique shopping centre, Cross Keys Arcade, we often get people asking: “Where can I eat?” Now we can just hand them the map. The Other great benefit of the map is that it showcases the city’s local and independent shops and cafés. It’s been widely reported in the nationwide press how Salisbury shops are struggling – so this goes a little way to promoting what’s great about our city!

Salisbury Vegan Business List

We’ve already had a great response to the map, and even encouraged some restaurants to broaden their offering to vegans because of it. The café opposite Goodfayre, the Cross Keys Restaurant, has now produced an exclusive, vegan menu because of the map.

The map features a selection of vegan friendly businesses and can be picked up in locations around the city centre as well as viewed online at

Producing the map was not all plain sailing: “We had a few teething problems as we were trying to find a map of the city we could use. We approached the council but they wouldn’t allow us to use any of theirs. In the end a local vegan graphic designer came to the rescue and drew the map from scratch for us. So it truly is a vegan map! We are very grateful to Phil Burton from for creating the map for us.“

We aim to produce another map in a year’s time and hope that it will double in size as local businesses realise the benefit in offering vegan options on their menu – the first benefit being that they can appear on the map.

Crosskeys Restaurant

The map has already had a great response from the local community with a recent Facebook post going viral overnight and continues to be interacted with, shared and commented on as we speak!

Facebook post

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