Fisherton Warehouse

 Goodfayre is Located inside Fisherton Warehouse on the 1st floor find us

We sell a wide range of refillable household cleaning products for your home along with personal care products. 

If you are interested in packaging free food please see our shopping club

The store is self service, instructions on how to fill are located around the unit. 

We also offer a drop and fill service if you do not want to refill the products yourself. 

One you have filled your product and printed a receipt from our scales, you can take your bottle and receipt downstairs to the till to pay at the main shop till point. 



What we sell: 


  • Refillable washing up liquid
  • Refillable laundry liquid
  • Refillable laundry powder
  • Refillable fabric conditioner
  • Refillable kitchen cleaner
  • Refillable bathroom cleaner
  • Refillable all purpose spray
  • Refillable white vinegar (cleaning only)
  • Refillable bicarb of Soda (Cleaning only)
  • Refillable toilet cleaner
  • Refillable floor cleaner
  • Refillable glass cleaner
  • Refillable dishwasher powder
  • Loofco 
Personal care:
  • Refillable hand soap
  • refillable shampoo
  • refillable conditioner
  • Refillable shower gel
  • Refillable bath foam
  • Plastic and aluminium free deodorant
  • Shampoo bars
  • Soap
  • bamboo toothbrushes
  • Plastic free toothpastes
  • Cloth sanitary pads
  • Menstrual cups

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm
Sunday 10am-4pm