Grain boxes

How it works

When you sign up for our Grain Boxes, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected, ready to cook grains. Packed in paper, not plastic, and delivered straight to your door.

Step one - Choose your box - Pick your box and size

Step two - Choose your frequency - Pick how often you want to receive your box

Step three - Receive your box - Sit back and wait for your box to arrive.

  • Pasta box




    This box is a Pasta box sent out monthly, when you order this product you will be billed monthly for your box and sent one box per month. 

    In this box you will receive a range of Pasta 

    Small boxes are 1kg of pasta

    Medium boxes are 1.5kg of pasta

    Large boxes are 2kg of pasta

    Our boxes are sent out on the 1st week of every month, and should be with you by the 11th. 

    The last day for ordering for the following month is the 30th. 


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