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    These loose leaf teas are�100% natural, whole leaf, hand packed teas and herbal infusions.

    For a real clean tasting tea, using only 100% natural crops, no hidden artificail flavours, These teas are completly plastic free, and come wrapped in paper.�

    We recommend tea is stored in metal tins so once you have your tea at home you should transfer it to a metal tin to give you a longer lasting freshness.�

    Our teas have real ingrediants from young leaves. The teas are sourced direct fromt he tea gardens, which means by buying this qualitly tea, the price per kilo the growers get is well above the mainstream price.�

    Poor quality, cheap tea goes hand in hand with low prices per kilo to the growers, once the gardens have to squeeze cost simply to survive, quality is then damaged. By buying from direct trade you get to contribute to fairness and sustainabilty.


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