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If you want to shop more ethically, support local business and reduce your impact on the planet, Join our local shopping club for FREE.

The Goodfayre shopping club helps you access hard to find packaging free alternatives to help protect the planet and ALL who live on it.

What happens when you join our club?

  • You’ll be the first to hear about exclusive offers.
  • Find out about order days, collection days and shopping club events.
  • Discover exciting new products brought to you from our trusted local suppliers.

Shopping club events

Each month at our collection days you have the option to not just collect your shopping but also join in our club events.

  • Learn how to become a conscious consumer, with talks from leading local eco heros.
  • Meet local producers at our meet the maker events, to try and sample new products.
  • Meet up collect and coffee mornings

We want to make your shopping more convenient, more fun and have access to more of your favourite products.

How it works?

  1. Each month you order the products you want from our website during the ordering period.
  2. We then collect all the orders and place one large order based on what you want.
  3. The Order gets delivered to our collection point where we pack and sort, for the collection days
  4. You then come and collect your order from us on one of our collection days, you can bring your own containers to refill your groceries at the collection day, eliminating the need for packaging and reducing your environmental impact on the planet.

Our shopping club is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the supermarket and all that unnecessary packaging, and support your local businesses.

We work with small and local businesses to ensure the products we offer meet the highest ethical standards, we only sell brands and products from producers we know and trust.

Is it more expensive?

In truth, yes it is, Supermarkets have massive supply chains, they buy in massive volumes and shopping with small shops is a more expensive way to shop, BUT, and this shocked me.

We did a price comparrison, across the 6 major supermarket retailers and to our surprise across a whole shop on like for like organic products. We came second cheapest! (Aldi did beat us - although they do not sell Organic products, so this was comparing organic vs non organic).

How did we do this?

  1. Reducing packaging also reduces costs, so buying food without packaging is always cheaper than buying the packaged alternative.
  2. You can buy the quantity you want, rather than a predetermined amount offered by the supermarket. (and less food waste is another environmental win!)
  3. Supermarkets are very cheap on basic items like bread, milk, rice and pasta, on the more speciality and hard to find items we consitentaly beat them on price, but when we added the whole shop together it was cheaper to buy the whole range from us overall.

What has surprised me even more, is that I have actually saved money since adopting a more ethical lifestyle because, the number one rule of ethical shopping is to reduce and reuse before buying anything new. So for super smart savy shoppers there are more savings to be had, on non food items, I buy things second hand, this includes my childrens toys, my clothes and my families clothes, I have saved so much money, shopping this way.

This gives me more money to spend on my food bill, I want to put healthy good quality products into my body, I want to support local and small businesses and now I can, from the savings I have made on buying my non food items second hand.

Why am I doing this?

When I started my business 3 years ago, I did so because I wanted to find ethical products, that helped not harmed the planet and all who live on it, We were one of the first shops in the UK to offer packaging free alternatives and one of the first new wave “zero waste shops”. We are so proud to have inspired so many businesses to follow in our footsteps, even Waitrose recently announced they will be trailing packaging free aisles in their stores this year.

Using our vast experience of selling packaging free goods, we came to realise that one of the major disadvantages with that type of shopping was not knowing what would be in stock at the shop, with our shopping club you can order in advance so we can ensure you get exactly the products you want.

How do you get involved?

Join our shopping club using the form below, it’s FREE to join and we’ll send you a £5 voucher to use for your first shop.


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