• Mooncup




    What is it?

    The Mooncup, is a menstrual cup which is small and foldable reusable device made from silicone, that collect, rather than absorbs the menstrual blood. 

    Who made it?

    Su Hardy is the one to thank for the mooncup, she first discovered the menstrual cup while travelling in Australia and then went on to develop the first cup made from silicone.

    Why do I need it?

    The Mooncup saves you money, and saves waste from going to landfill. It's designed to last for years and is reusable so it's an easy way to reduce your waste.

    Why do we stock it?

    This is one of our favourite earth saving products that saves you money and saves the planet. It's easy to make the change and everyone should have one! 

    Where is it from?

    Mooncup HQ is based in Brighton

    What do I do with it?

    Using the Mooncup can take a bit of getting used to, but once you have mastered it, it is easy to use. You insert it into the vagina by folding it

    Which size?

    The Mooncup comes in two sizes, A and B, 

    Size A - Recommended for those who are 30 and over, and all who have given birth vaginally regardless of age.

    Size B - Recommended for those under the age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally.


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