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    What is it?

    Friendly soaps are an entire range for earth, skin and vegan friendly soaps that handmade and wonderfully nourishing.

    Who made it?

    Rob Costello & Geoff Kerouac are the faces behind the brand. Growing up in west yorkshire, in the 70's they noticed it was a time where there was huge shift in the way people started to think about the world around them. Insipired by the natural beauty of the surroundings they grew up in, partnered with the employment of the pair by Suma wholesalers coorporative they set out on their mission to develop a product that can be used by absolutely anyone. They are passionate about being as waste free as possible. Theyy use an ancient technique to make their soap they are left with NO biproduct and use their hands as much as possible during the manufacturing process to limit their enviromental impact. Alongside no palm oil, recycled packaging and supporting a women's work cooporative with the purchase of their shea butter I'd have to say they're a incredibly ethical, well rounded company!

    Why do I need it?

    If you are conscious about your enrionmental inpact, like to steer clear of nasty chemicals or just enjoy supporting smaller business - this soap is for you! Their packaging in recycled and can be recycled again, the methods used to produce the soap are waste free and you will be too.

    Why do we stock it?

    We're all about ethicals, fair treatment, fairtrade, vegan & earth friendly. This company have an amazing ethical values.

    Where is it from?

    All friendly soap is made right here, in the UK! The shea butter used is bought from a women's worker cooporative based in Ghana.

    What do I do with it?

    Depending on which soap you've bought, you can use it just like your regular soap. For shampoo bars, simply run the bar through your hair a few times (front to back to avoid/reduce knotting), massage in and rinse thoroughly.


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