• Peppermint Truthpaste Small



    What is it? A handmade natural mineral toothpaste, with Aleo vera, neem, myrrh and certified Organic essential oils. It is free from Fluride, SLS/SLES, triclosan, glycerin and palm oil! There are no foaming agents, bleaching agents, colourants or artificial ingredients, Plus it comes in a recyclable glass jar and has NO Plastic!

    Who made it? Created by Marisa, it all started when she had the worst toothache ever, after doing some research she developed a paste that relived her pain! but is tasted pretty bad, so she started trying to make it taste nice too! Fast forward to now and she turned it into a business!�

    Why do I need it?If you are looking for a natural and plastic free toothpaste option you don't really need to look any further! this does the job! Our mouths are super absorbant, so rubbing them with nasty chemical twice a day is probably a bad idea! Obviously brushing our teeth is a good idea so now you can brush without adding harsh chemical or extra plastic in your daily life !

    Why do we stock it? We love the healing properties of the ingredients plus the fact it's produced by a small business owner! It's got great branding and really popular with our customers!

    Where is it from? Handmade in brighton


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